MAX&LUUK stands for freedom and carefree enjoyment

More than ever, the outdoor space is becoming a place to breathe in perfect peace and quiet. A place where we like to meet with family and friends to enjoy the moments that matter. And when the sun fails to show and the summer gets off to a slow start, there are still many moments to enjoy the outdoors. With this in mind, we design, compose and produce the latest MAX&LUUK collection every year. Of course, the idea that the sun is always shining behind the clouds is an exciting thought, but the real dot on the horizon is comfort, style and quality. This trifecta forms the core of the MAX&LUUK brand, which enhances and embraces the outdoor experience.

For the new collection, we worked with various materials in a recognisable rugged style that guarantees endless seating comfort. Among other things, we have developed a luxury dining chair with a matt rubber and weather-resistant fibre thread. In addition, we have developed a range of new cushions that provide atmosphere and optimal seating comfort. Some of our collections are made from recycled materials – something we pay a lot of attention to within the company. By reusing materials, they are given a second life, as it were, in a new product, which adds something unique to the outdoor space because of its special appearance.

The outdoor furniture of Max & Luuk gives you a place where you can daydream. Daydreaming makes you more creative and ensures that you can focus better afterwards. So what are you waiting for… settle into a comfortable and beautiful piece of furniture from the new 2021 collection by MAX&LUUK and get into relaxation mode! And we’ll continue to innovate and design the most beautiful outdoor furniture, which effortlessly matches your garden and terrace.

MAX&LUUK makes outdoor living just that little bit more fun.

Frank Bogaers

Predicting trends is looking back without spreading the word: making big what you already saw happening on a small scale. You do have to see it. For MAX&LUUK we identify trends that matter. Trends that fit the versatile and attractive image of MAX&LUUK. A timeless image that we have created over the years with lots of care and love and that has developed from playful to mature. Also, an image that, from the very beginning, has put the emphases on comfort and sustainability. With a wink to design and colour. In our development as a leading company in the field of outdoor furniture, we have taken MAX&LUUK by the hand and let it blossom into an impressive and especially eye-catching brand.

Our team of professional designers has a sharp, international scope regarding the latest developments in materials, shapes, colours, and it has a very clear feeling for the light-heartedness of catchy topics. A perfect match with the no-nonsense vibe of MAX&LUUK. Flowing but powerful lines, sublime seating comfort: the collection is a perfect match for the growing contemporary character of outdoor furniture.

Discover the variation possibilities of MAX&LUUK, MIX&MATCH. MAX&LUUK makes outdoor living that little bit more fun.

Frank Bogaers


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